THE CRUISE (Female Clit & G-Spot Soft-Stimulate Massager, Auto Warm & Remote Control)


With its 2 powerful motors, this flexible couples vibrator is an elegant addition to your lovemaking and pleasures both partners with powerful vibrations simultaneously. Adding a remote control, The Cruise will certainly please you and your partner with unparalleled precision and fun!

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The Cruise’s G-Spot & Clitoris Stimulation Vibrator provides both him and her with exciting, added stimulation during lovemaking. This couple’s vibrator curved, grooved voluminous shaft and intense vibrations makes it perfect for fun: The lower shaft is gently inserted into the vagina during lovemaking, while the upper part of the vibrator rests on the clitoris. It stimulates the clit with wonderful vibrations, while the other end stimulates her from the inside. Both shafts of this multivibrator are equipped with a powerful motor and can be controlled by pressing a button on the upper shaft. Enjoy breathtaking orgasms with 3 vibration intensities and 7 vibration rhythms with combinations depending on your mood.

The Cruise’s is whisper-quiet at any intensity, so you can indulge yourself undisturbed. Thanks to its waterproof (IPX7: can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes) finish, The Cruise’s allows you to enjoy climaxes together wherever you feel like it. Make your shared hot bath even hotter, turn your morning shower into a moment of ecstasy or enjoy yourself between your comfortable sheets. The super-soft, delicate silicone flatters your skin and can be cleaned easily with water and soap or a disinfecting sexual wellness device cleaner after use. If your couple’s vibrator runs out of breath, the included USB magnetic cable ensures you can easily recharge it. Spoil yourselves with double stimulation or enjoy the The Cruise’s alone. Whatever you choose, variety and fun is guaranteed!

<b>the cruise</b> (female clit & g spot soft stimulate massager, auto warm & remote control)
the cruise (female clit & g spot soft stimulate massager, auto warm & remote control)